Exterior Detailing

We wash the vehicle to remove dirt, creating a clean smooth surface. Utilizing a lambs wool buffing pad, your auto's clear-coat is buffed to remove surface scratches, tar, bird droppings, and sap to bring out the paint's luster and shine. We then apply a paste wax to protect your vehicle's paint from the elements. Lastly, we clean and dress the tires and rims to add that shiny finishing touch.

Interior Detailing

The complete shampooing of all carpets, including the trunk. The floor mats are power-washed. The door panels, vents, dashboard and console are cleaned thoroughly. Finally, Armor-All is applied to all plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces.

Complete Detailing

Includes all services with Interior detailing and all services with Exterior detailing.

Interior Cleaning Complete Inside & Out
  buffing & paste wax shampoo floor  
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Small Cars $80 $70 $130 SAVE $20!
Large Cars $85 $75 $140 SAVE $20!
Station Wagons, SUVs, Minivans $95 $80 $150 SAVE $25!

** All Detailing by appointment only **

** Price may be higher depending on
condition of vehicle

Express Reconditioning

The Ultimate Wash, Armor-All tires, Armor-All interior, and a coat of paste wax applied by hand.