Car Care

Car Care

Is it better for the environment to wash at home or at Freeway Car washes?

Freeway Car Washes are proud to say we use all biodegradable products while washing your cars.

Should I wash my car before or after it rains?

Most believe that it's best to wash after it rains. The truth is simple. If your car is dirty, it is holding all sorts of particles and road dust. Mix dust with water and you could have cement, candy, calcium scale... you name it! Whatever is water-soluble mixes with other particles and a new cleaning or paint problem is born.

Why is my car dull even after a wash?

You probably have a "road film" build-up along with some mineral deposits and a little oxidation. A solution to this problem is usually a combination cleaner and wax that is applied with a rotary polisher. We can solve these problems for your car by making an appointment for an exterior detail.